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Welcome, visitors to the 2020 (virtual) Czech Christmas Market!

Yikes, it has been a year since our last blog post. (And what a year it has been!)

That post encouraged you to visit the wonderful, 2019 Czech Christmas Market at the DC Embassy of the Czech Republic.

This year the market has gone virtual, and you can visit participating vendors at

Every sale in this event benefits the amazing cultural programming at the Embassy. Here is a past sampling of their ambitious, non-stop calendar of concerts, films, lectures, exhibitions and more:

Even in Covid-times they continue with online and outdoor programming:

So, a distant but warm AHOJ to our Embassy and vendor friends, and to all visitors. We look forward to seeing you in person next year!

Our Harrisburg, PA shop (closed since March) displays hundreds of original prints by Czech artists, many of which have not yet appeared on this website. Please keep checking back over the coming weeks, as we load more and more of them onto these pages.

In the meantime, enjoy the Czech and Czech-American art that is up now:

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Czech Christmas Market in DC, November 9

Please join us at the embassy of the Czech Republic for a wonderful day of music, food and drink, visual arts, shopping, and even animals!

We are delighted to participate for the first time in this enchanting and popular event, by showing and selling many hundreds of original prints by Czech artists. Most of these artworks have not yet been added to this website, and will be a revelation to our web-followers who have never visited our Harrisburg shop.

Half of the prints– the very small wood engravings and lithographs so beautifully made in Czechia– are priced between $6 and $20. At the upper end you can see scores of breathtaking etchings by Ladislav Hanka, Jan Vondrous, and others.

Located near the zoo along Rock Creek Park, the embassy is easy to access by Metro or car.

What could be more fun? Details: