Care and Presentation of Original Prints


Original prints should be framed with archival mat and mounting board, and UV-filtering glass or plexiglass. Framing need not be very expensive; the simplest treatment is often the most attractive. We recommend that you use a single mat, white or neutral. You might opt instead to “float” the print with no mat at all. Your framer will explain!

Original art should not be exposed to direct sunlight or strong artificial light. LED lighting (choose bulbs designated bright white) is UV-free, and is safe for art at moderate intensity.

Prints should be protected from extreme fluctuations of heat and humidity. Never store in attic or basement.

As an alternative to framing, we like to keep some of our own favorite, smaller prints in archival cardboard folders and boxes, pulling them out frequently for close study. This is the tradition of the cabinet print, and it befits the intimate nature of small, graphic works.

In either case, original prints are made to be enjoyed for generations—even centuries— given simple care.